From cute expressions to inexplicable beauty, eyes have inspired writers and poets. Your eyes can be gorgeous and unique, but they can also be bold. The following scenario occurs when you apply eyeliner creatively and accurately.

Hacks and tactics that make life easier are vital when the desire to look your best every day grows. Learn how to apply eyeliner, save time and energy, and look great at the same time! This article describes eyeliner types, uses, and more!

Definition: Eyeliner

Definition and precision are achieved with eyeliner. Moreover, it creates aesthetic impacts while creating a look for any event.

Instilling Egyptian notions of upper class men and women wearing eyeliner. They would honor it as an evil eye protector. Today, these eyeliners come in different formulations to suit different requirements and lifestyles.

Modern eyeliners come in a variety of textures, shades and formulas to complement any style. Let’s compare their types and distinguish them:

How to apply eyeliner?

Types of eyeliner

  1. Liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner, the oldest cosmetics, is still the most popular. Its large thin brush makes it easy to create any effect. Since it contains liquid, this eyeliner case is cylindrical.

Eye liners are usually black, but now come in blue, brown and silver. With liquid eyeliner, you can always look stylish, no matter the situation.

  1. Eyeliner

Most eyeliners are sketch pens, a new modern invention. The small pointed tip allows you to create any look.

Leaking and damaged tips can be annoying, so use with caution. Check for leaks after application.

  1. Gel eyeliner

It comes in the same container as the liquid eyeliners. Gel eyeliners are semi-liquid and dry quickly. The “peeling” function makes it easier to remove some eyeliners.

It is one of the easiest eyeliners, but you have to be careful. This eyeliner takes a lot to remove. Waterproof makes it difficult to remove makeup.

  1. Eyeliner

Without waiting for the substance to dry, pencil eyeliners create strong eyes. It gives a kohl look to the eyes and can be used as a kajal.

A smoky makeup look can be achieved with pencil eyeliner. They keep you well throughout the day without smudging.

Paths and Avatars: Reproducing Eye Lines Using Liquid Eye Lines

Different eye makeups require precision and focus. If you’re a makeup beginner but want to learn eyeliner, we can help. Let’s go through the looks and their applications:

Soft wing -Subtle & Beautiful

This look is suitable for eyeliner beginners. It’s subtle but defines your eyes well. Being first on the trending list gets all the attention!

Avoid the sharp wings of the corners of the eyes. It is best to start with the inner corners of the eyes. You can use it to thicken the wing when applying eyeliner above the lash line. It will be modest but distinctive. An excellent choice for a makeup-free look that will charm!

Vivid, distinctive sharp

long wing Do you like dramatic make-up? Well, you are just in time to check out our plans! The sharp, long-winged eyeliner look is for beauty experimenters. A hard-to-achieve style, this look works well with dresses and vintage clothing.

This style is easier to learn with duct tape. You can cut and angle a small length of tape. This helps eye contact with the lowest outer corner. Apply eyeliner for sharp wings! Applying liquid eyeliner is easy, especially when you’re creating a masterpiece!

A strong, flawless wing under the eyes

Night party? Want a truly unique eye? Only eyeliner with wings under the eyes is needed. Highlighting the waterline and under-eye area creates a flawless artistic look.

To achieve this look, draw a thin line across the lid and return to the inner corner of the eye. Starting with this section, draw one towards the outer edge to create a strong, angled wing.

Types of eyeliner

Graphic Eyeliner — Bossy & Artistic-

Want a dramatic, long-lasting look that matches your attitude? Just one graphic look at the eyeliner! It allows for experimentation and looks elegant, stylish and artistic.

Create a standard winged look on both lids to instantly get this look. Draw a parallel line to attach the wing. Finally, add drama with shimmery eyeshadow!

Heavy Wing –

Elegant and Dramatic: Need a drastic change to your party look? Your eyes want all eyes on you? Try the thick winged eyeliner – it never disappoints! It accentuates your eyes and makes them party-ready!

To achieve this effect, create a wide border around the eye and spread it outward. This idea will help you create an exaggerated sash and add glam to start the party!

Sharp Wing –

Gorgeous and Breathtaking: It uses both the upper and lower lash line, giving it an edge over other designs. The retro vibes give it a vintage look, but it’s one of the hardest eye styles to perfect!

This look is achieved by drawing a small line on the upper lid and a flared wing on the lower side. Draw a line halfway under the lid and connect it to the wing. Finally, for drama, smudge the line under your eyes.

Faded wing—

Authentic & Precise: Do you love your eyeshadow palette? Craving wings but don’t want to pamper them because your glitter stands out? Use fading wings to effortlessly bring realism and precision to your eyes.

This effect is achieved after applying eye shadows on the eyelids. This effect is achieved by drawing a thin line across the eyelids and extending them into a sharp wing upwards.

Two Tone –

Vibrant & Diversified: If you’re tired of black eyeliner, add color to your makeup! Two-toned eyeliner should contrast with your outfit, skin tone and eye shadow (if used).

Brighten up your eyes with two shades at once! For a crazy style, try different colors, patterns and designs. Use yellow, red, blue and brown to express your mood!

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