Electric motors: DG Innovate, a UK-based company led by a former Tesla member, has partnered with EVage Motors to bring 98.5% e-motor efficiency to India. DG Innovate’s proprietary Pareta electric propulsion system will be manufactured in India by EVage.

Joint Venture to Revolutionize Electric Motor Manufacturing in India

This year, the companies are focusing on manufacturing electric motors initially at their plant in Punjab. They will come in three different sizes One size is suitable for E2W and E3W, the second is for passenger e-trucks and mid-range engines and the third will be heavier engines for buses and trucks.

“The idea is to develop these platforms, get them ready for production and also start manufacturing and sourcing engines for Evage, which is the immediate customer of this JV. “We will then examine the process of selling to prospective customers in India who are interested in one of these three types,” stated Inderveer Singh, the founder and CEO of EVage, in an interview with ETAuto.

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The joint venture comes in a 60-40 ratio, with 60% owned by DG Innovate and 40% owned by Evage Motors. The engine will be completely manufactured in India, although specific components that are not currently produced in the country may need to be imported.

India Positioned as Key Hub for DGI and EVage’s Engine Manufacturing Joint Venture

DGI and EVage will manufacture the engine at EVage’s Modular Miniature Manufacturing (Mcube) micro factory, which already supports India’s first commercial EV platform. The factory currently produces more than one electric truck per day, totaling more than 300 to date. These trucks serve leading FMCG, e-commerce and logistics companies across India, with leading clients including Amazon.

Future plans Both CEOs are focusing on India as their current target market. Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, a former member of Tesla and current CEO of DGI, stated that India has the potential to become a worldwide leader in this field with the appropriate investment. Bardenfleth-Hansen believes that DGI’s acquisition of this joint venture is driven by the market opportunity they perceive in India.

EVage's Engine Manufacturing

Speaking about the capital investment required for the joint venture, Hansen said: Both companies plan to invest between €2 million and €5 million in its escalation over the coming years. “It will be very much driven by customer demand.”

Revolutionary Electric Motor Technology Shrinks Size, Boosts Efficiency, and Cuts Costs

Hnasen added that the e-motor will be “60-70% smaller than a similar motor from a competitor… reducing its weight with the same power and higher efficiency… It also leads to lower costs.”

Company’s export plans “I believe we are specifically targeting domestic customers at this point,” Singh said. Together, the companies will first target the Asian EV market, which offers more efficient electric trucks, resulting in longer life and lower cost of ownership for fleet owners with On the same charge, there is often a 5-7% increase in range.

However, both try to target the European market whenever they plan to export. Singh further said, “It is a long phase of testing and verification that customers go through. So even if we delivered the engine this year, it would take them 12 to 18 months to validate the engine and put it on their vehicles (European market).

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