The Met Gala is unparalleled in its dominance over the New York landscape. The aisles of every fabric store in the clothing area are devoid of fabric, reminiscent of the lack of toilet paper during the 2020 shortage. Fifth Avenue currently functions only as a dedicated area for parking and loading Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans.

These vans are responsible for transporting highly influential celebrities to and from The Carlyle and The Mark, two iconic hotels in New York City. These hotels have now become temporary storage areas for extremely expensive dresses and the wealthy individuals who wear them.

Inside the Glitz and Glamour: A Night in the Life of Linux, Your Guide to New York’s Afterparty Scene

However, today we will not be discussing the lamb chops served at the Met Gala, but rather the bottles of Dom Perignon that are opened afterwards. All over the city, every nightclub, restaurant, lounge and bar competes to throw the most exceptional after party, showing off their Philip Treacy hats.

Only a small number achieve success while the majority experience failure, yet everyone tries. A week before the Met Gala On Monday, the city is buzzing with two afterparties: Beyoncé and Doja Cat’s. Which one will you attend? Should we attend Kim Kardashian’s post-event meet-up or Naomi Campbell’s? The answer to both questions is indeed affirmative: “Yes, all of them!”

And what is my identity? I’m Linux, a fashionable and influential woman of the New York downtown scene. For years I have been sharing first-hand accounts of the inner workings of the most extraordinary events one can only dream of being a part of. These experiences range from being behind the DJ booth at Berlin’s most private raves to getting access to your favorite headliner’s trailer at Coachella.

Met Gala

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Grab a drink and get ready because I’m about to give you a quick rundown of the celebrities and events that took place at every after party that took over your social media feeds. Greetings, New York: Greetings on this inaugural Monday in May.

FKA Twigs meeting after the Boom Boom Room event

When you join the Met Gala Afterparty circuit, Everyone knows that the first stop is the Boom Boom Room. FKA Twigs and Atlantic Records took over hosting duties for this year’s Boom afters event. Upon my arrival, I heard the public relations representative quietly say, “That person is running a Linux operating system.

Although it is not included in the list, ensure that it is given immediate access. The evening has already started positively! I ascended to the top level of the notorious Solange vs. Jay-Z and entered the Boom Boom room, which was decorated with floral decorations, presumably to celebrate the spring season. Innovative! Without delay, I was surrounded by a group of BFA photographers who took numerous photos of me along with fellow PAPER cover and Real Housewife Jessel Tank.

Wishing for a cocktail, I took one from Christian Siriano’s table. I engaged in a conversation with Coco Rocha regarding my dissatisfaction with my financial position and the contrast between the well-being of my friends. However, I then realized that Jeff Bezos and his fiancee Lauren Sanchez had been eavesdropping on the entire conversation and potentially perceived my remarks as a subtle request for financial assistance.

Once I realized it was them and we made direct eye contact, they immediately got up and left the party. I greeted FKA Twigs in the DJ booth before she elegantly made her way through the crowd and started a fashion war on the dance floor. After witnessing Twigs perform, I hailed an Uber and proceeded to the after party.

The Jean Paul Gaultier Afters event will be held at the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club.

Jean Paul Gaultier and Shayne Oliver hosted a party at the famous strip club on 60th Street to commemorate their latest SSENSE collaboration.

An assertive non-binary person holding an iPad informed me, “Oh my God, Linux, you don’t have to wait in line,” as I quietly approached the long queue outside.

Please enter immediately!” Without question, I entered immediately! Upon entering, I greeted Uglyworldwide, a fellow PAPER cover star and high-fashion individual who surpasses me in cool.

 met gala 2024

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Uglyworldwide accessorized with red braids and wore a crop top that showed her affection for New York. She introduced me to JT who was about to take the stage to perform his latest tracks “Okay” and “Alter Ego”. We took a joint position while Cobrasnake snapped our photos. I gave the PR girls a kiss and continued on to the next location. The evening was just beginning!

Usher’s Afters at Edition Times Square

The Times Square Edition is a staple destination during the Met Gala. Usher’s performance afterwards was no different. I got to ride in an elevator with Storm Reed (he’s even more awesome in real life if you can fathom it)! I used all my self-control not to ask her for a photo.

If the head of security at Edition has security camera footage of us involved in the kiki-ing, please forward it to me. Upon arrival, I promptly indulged in two hotdogs that were presented to me

I walked out onto the terrace overlooking Times Square and found Usher engaged in conversation with Queen Latifah and Michele Lamy, all looking out over the city skyline. I have a strong affection for New York! Aside from the celebrity sightings, Usher’s party was too conventional and Kim Kardashian was noticeably absent. Moving forward!

LUAR Afters

When I learned that my close friend Raul Lopez was hosting an after event to celebrate his brand Luar, I immediately understood the importance of attending. She and I have a long history together. The event occurred at a WSA facility.I downed my fifth drink and headed straight to the dance floor, adorned with mirrors.

At this place I had the opportunity to dance with many renowned personalities. Omar Apollo danced enthusiastically with Rauw Alejandro, seemingly oblivious to the presence of others (despite the fact that everyone was really watching). I watched Charli XCX, a beloved figure in the music industry, engage in conversation with Ludovic de Saint Sernin, a prominent figure in the design world, at a nearby table.

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny danced together across the room, showing a close and friendly bond reminiscent of two gay best friends. As I went to the bathroom, I spotted Lana Del Rey posing for photographers as she left. Additionally, allow us to take a moment to acknowledge and commend La

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