White Hot Luxe: When the days are long and the heat is rising, a wardrobe of crisp, cool whites is the perfect refresher. Whether you’re at the beach or roaming the streets of the city, an all-white outfit solves a few key problems: you don’t have to think too much about coordinating the different components of your look, and even if you sweat, I’ll still look put together.

An all-white outfit provides a clean aesthetic that can be as casual as a coordinated lounge or elevated with a mix of textures. Even with a minimalist, monochromatic palette, you’ll find endlessly creative ways to wear color for different occasions, price points, and styles.

During the peak of summer, it is an opportune moment to acquire essential items for hot weather. Explore some of our favorites here.

Summer staples to save the day

 White Hot Luxe

While there are plenty of bold, bright, and compelling trends this summer (think hot pink hues, mini minis, and crop tops), we never want to overlook the reliable, versatile basics that are the building blocks of our wardrobes. . This season, our loyal regulars are unmissable.

In fact, the latest iterations of so-called “boring” basics have aesthetic power in their simplicity when worn on their own, and serve as an anchor when worn with statement pieces.

Elegant clothing by Fusionwear

Between our ethnic and western wardrobes, there comes a day when we like to play the best of both worlds. With the white hot luxurious trend at hand, the possibilities are limitless!

The key to rocking this summer’s trend is to play with textures, layering and volume to keep your look interesting. Also, don’t be afraid to break up the look with contrasting accessories, from black sandals to gold jewelry. If an all-white outfit seems a little overwhelming, mix it up by adding buttery neutrals.

Kill the summer in a Saree

Bright sunlight and hot weather call for fresh and light ensembles – that stay fresh and breathable all day – whether we’re out working, sharing a cup of coffee with friends or testing our minds at work.

summer in a Saree

And when it comes to choosing the ideal wardrobe for all these moments, nothing beats the glamor and charm of super light and summery sarees!

Save space for accessories

If your drawers are overflowing with accessories and you only want to make one update, consider going white.

The color will give you an unexpected pop because it is bright and fresh, but also understated. For those moments when you prefer to play it safe with a nude accessory, reach for your white ones instead! Whether it’s a handbag, bracelet, scarf or even earrings, you can always turn to a white accessory for an effective minimalist look.

All-white clothing is meant to be simple. Sure, summer may be the season of maxi dresses and flip flops, but it’s also undoubtedly the season of white hot luxury. And these all-white ensembles are a classic that just won’t go away. Or probably ever. So it’s about time we finally came up with it.

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